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SUARA REVOLUSI.COM- Wakil Bupati Lombok Tengah, Lalu Pathul Bahri menerima Piagam Penghargaan terhadap pencapaian Opini Wajar Tanpa Pengecualian (WTP) atas keberhasilan Pemerintah Kabupaten Lombok Tengah dalam menyusun dan menyajikan Laporan Keuangan tahun 2015, Senin 19 Desember 2016, bertempat di Graha Bhakti Praja Kantor Gubernur NTB. Penghargaan diberikan oleh Gubernur NTB TGH. M. Zainul Majdi, MA didampingi Kepala Kanwil Ditjen Perbendaharaan Provinsi NTB, Taukhid. Wabup hadir didampingi Sekretaris Daerah Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, H.M.Nursiah,S.Sos.,M.Si.
Selain penyerahan piagam penghargaan WTP, kegiatan tersebut juga dirangkai dengan prosesi penyerahan Daftar Isian Pelaksanaan Anggaran (DIPA) petikan tahun 2017 kepada Kuasa Pengguna Anggaran di wilayah Provinsi NTB. DIPA merupakan dokumen pelaksanaan anggaran yang menjadi dasar pengeluaran negara dan pencairan dana atas beban APBN, sekaligus menjadi dokumen pendukung kegiatan akuntansi pemerintah. “Penyerahan DIPA tahun 2017 dilaksanakan lebih awal agar pelaksanaan pembangunan dan pencairan anggaran lebih cepat dan segera memberikan manfaat yang nyata kepada seluruh masyarakat, khususnya di wilayah Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat” kata Taukhid, Kepala Kanwil Ditjen Perbendaharaan Provinsi NTB dalam sambutannya.
Pada kesempatan tersebut, diumumkan juga 5 desa di Provinsi NTB yang mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai  “Desa Pelopor Good Governance dalam Pengelolaan Keuangan Desa”. Kelima desa tersebut yakni Desa Montong Gamang Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Desa Leu Kabupaten Bima, Desa Sori Sakalo Kabupaten Dompu, Desa Baru Tahan Kabupaten Sumbawa dan Desa Aikmel Utara Kabupaten Lombok Timur.

Muhamad Saleh (Marketing and Tour Divisoin)

SUARAREVOLUSI-Language means of communication. Communication is to bind between far to be close, close becomes closer. The shift meaning of communication today is hardly to understand. One person sits down with her friends don’t talk each other but they only see their hand phone without paying attention each other. Digital era dominated all of life side not only for big city but also country side even small village. 
Language is to understand ecah other and smile together 
English is one of international language taught and studied over the world. Indonesia is one of country which put English in education curriculum even it is become national examination. Learning second or foreign language as a threat for beginners especially for some people who desire with the language. Lately English as a giant is ready to make practioners and counselors think deeply to solve some problems appear to learners. The problems such as difficult to pronounce the words, the words are the same but differ to state, hard to memorize, etc.  Emerging some strategies for studying foreign language in internet or media becomes part of solving problems in learning English.
Language is to explain something which not understand  yet 

Some linguists such as Skinner, Naom Chomsky, and Chapman have different perspectives of acquiring a language. Skinner defined someone got a language by imitating, Naom Chomsky human being is given by God an instrument which mentioned by Chomsky language acquisition device (LAD) whereas Chapman more concerned with social environment to assist in discovering functions and regulations of language.(Language Development for Preschool Children;Sonwat,Francis: 17-18 :2007). As a learner of language especially English as foreign language we can combine three perspectives to be one. God has given us an instrument for acquiring a language after getting it we learn a language by imitating in our environments after knowing the language we will know the functions and the regulations of the language.

Some strategies in learning and teaching process are defending on tutors or teachers themselves. A lot of methods of teaching and learning we can find in internet even in our gadget. The successful of teaching we can see from the participants active and respond in every deliver some lessons or materials. Some quotes that very interesting to see from different angle as teacher or lecturer ‘’tell me I forget, show me I remember, involve me I understand.

English becomes essential thing in Lombok today. Lombok is well known by piece of heaven, one thousand mosques island within a lot of rare panorama which don’t find yet around in Indonesia. Tourism in Lombok is one of the biggest booster economies in west NusaTtenggara province. The governor of NTB Dr. Zainul Majdi took much attention with development of tourism by conducting national events in Lombok to support tourism which basis to move economy NTB society. National events which conducted such as Hari Pers Nasional, Teknologi Tepat Guna, Musbawah Tilawatil Qur’an etc.  Formerly tourism in Lombok only was seen as local tourism which still left behind with Bali Island. Some people from Lombok made a joke that mention NTB stand for Nasib Tergantung Bali and Nasib Tidak Berubah (the fate of Lombok tourism defends on Bali and the fate does not change) but today Lombok tourism prove that itself be able to show up to the world that Lombok becomes world destination for winning beyond of hidden heaven. Lombok got award from international forum in Abu Dhabi in 2015 by two categories World’s Best Halal Tourism destination and World’s Best Halal Honeymoon destination and the last of the year 2016 Lombok got back the award by three categories World’s Best Halal Beach Resort for Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas,  World’s Best Halal Honeymoon destination for Sembalun village, and the last World’s Best Halal Tourism Website for The awards which have been given as means to develop tourism better in the future.
Lombok is world toursim destination 
The famous of Lombok tourism becomes opportunity for NTB society in looking for livelihood, job, and making money. Society must prepare themselves to get qualified and requirements for getting a job in tourism area. One of the most important skill which obligate owned by the people are skills of foreign language minimally English. Other skills like hotel service, tour guide, etc. The development of tourism in Lombok gives new hope and new dream for local people, local people NTB must not go to Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia become labor of manpower  Indonesia for looking money and survive.  The local people should have little skill in tourism.
the branch office of the Lombok Travel in Gili Trawangan 
The Lombok Travel is one of the best agents for traveling in West Nusa Tenggara Province. The Lombok Travel started working and serving in tourism in 2003 which has experience and expert staff when you desire seeing and enjoying Lombok deeply and beyond. It is the time to change your life and your future to see the Lombok paradise with us , don’t ever postpone your time to enjoy it and decide now or never at all. Don’t be afraid of deciding your choice because live is choice you choose for winning or failing. We are from the staff of The Lombok Travel is ready to help everyone who want to enjoy traveling with us. Go with natives is of brand because the guide and the staff are Lombok natives (pribumi). We serve not only for traveling in Lombok but also overseas. Now we cooperative with central Lombok regency for study comparative around Indonesia, recently we bring group from central Lombok civil servant study comparative go to Java such as Malang, Jakarta,Surabaya,Jogjakarta etc. Don’t be hesitate we serve with heart and logical price.***